The Boujee Boards, founded on a love of good food paired with good company, focuses is on the finer things in life. Through every creation by our team is bound to impress your guests with the best of the best.

Lily Avery, the women behind the boards and owner has a zest for life, travel and creation. She has fallen in love with the finer things in life, which you will enjoy with every Boujee Board experience. Seen through our decadent and fresh seasonal produce.

Based in Lane Cove on the Lower North Shore, The Boujee Boards has all the options ready for you and your guests. We love good food, good people and good causes with our mission to #grazeforgood. Adding the wow factor for birthdays, wedding, corporate functions, to a simple afternoon treat paired with a glass of wine on a Sunday. We believe that good food should be shared and experienced together, hence why we deliver and travel NSW wide. There truly is a Boujee Board for every occasion.

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